Living in Truth…

A while back I decided that I would live in my truth. I say my truth because there can be many perspectives to each point of view. What this entailed for me was to be as honest as I could be in all situations. Rules set were: Need to know basis of information Don’t be... Continue Reading →

Moments of Joy

Life is a connection of moments. These little moments stacked together make stories and those stories are where you lie. Each little pocket of memory defines your existence and who you are as a person. As with a menu, it's easy to focus on a particular category as I have done with this blog- trauma... Continue Reading →

ROAR with me!

The human spirit is amazing! Before I go into it though, can we admit that hospitals are far from a fun place to be! No patient is there willingly, or at least none that I came across. I spent 5 days in the hospital, there were further complications and it will take me a long... Continue Reading →

Protect the human! Citizenship…

About a month ago I listened to a discussion on citizenship, it was in relation to clause 9 of the UK government's latest anti-globalisation PR stunt as they continue to rile people based on an outdated notion of what it is to be British. The Empire or what a lot still fantasize about from the... Continue Reading →

I’m not racist but… #14

You have to admit that Meghan Markle is to blame for Jamaica wanting independence…there can't be any other reason for it. Whilst we are at it, she's also to blame for Harry leaving the not-at-all toxic Royal Family & British media machine, William following in Charle's footsteps and cheating on Katherine, the Queen falling ill... Continue Reading →


If you have been following me on social media, well Twitter tbh, you will know about how often I've been complaining about things that I can't change and my built-up frustrations. I've been annoyed that because of my health I've not been able to be active. I've been annoyed at how slow healthcare has been... Continue Reading →

Women – What we all needed to know!

It's never too late to learn about our bodies. U/toocritical55 collated a lot of information and put them all together so please thank her for this information! This post is about sex and women's front bottoms! She wanted to share what was learned over the years, and debunk myths. This is mostly aimed at young... Continue Reading →

I’m not racist but… #13

I thought I was done with these posts if I'm honest with you. I wanted to step away from being a voice of black experience and the "angry black woman" trope. It's not that racism has changed, it's that it's emotional expressing my experiences and knowing that when I promote them there has often been... Continue Reading →

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