On Hope

What is hope? It is the notion that your desires will come true. Your vision manifest into reality.

It’s the little spark in the darkness, the first drop of rain in the dry season, splashing on the dusty copper unpaved street as you walk. It is the feeling that everything and the world is just too big, but somehow that wont stop you. You may have to take a detour, rest up and feel the bad stuff, but it is hope that keeps you strong.

What is hope? It’s the anticipation of all the good that life could possibly offer. That ripe strawberry dunked in cream, sprinkled with sugar, its juices dripping down the side of your mouth as you bite into it. It is the cooling breeze as you take in the scent of freshly cut grass intermingled with the blossoming flowers around you. It is the knowledge that you may have to walk up the hill, but the view will be spectacular. It is the idea that it will be worth the trek.

What is hope? It is the first note you hear, wondering if the musicians will play your favourite track that you have had on repeat for far too long. The build up of the beats, melody, drama, voices until it all comes to it’s heady beautiful climax to leave you wanting more from the musicians. It is the trust that their next track will elate you as much as the previous one.

It is the comfort of being surrounded by family and friends that you love, and the knowledge that despite your different paths, these feelings in that time wont ever pass as you each promise love forever. It’s the delicious wine and the warm bread out of the oven with butter dripping off it’s edges.

What is hope? It is the anticipation of the future, of all that is to come. It is of the understanding that regardless of the trials and tribulations, you will be stronger, wiser and get to live for a new better experience that perhaps you couldn’t have imagined.

It is the wish of being accepted. That prejudices based on your outward form is irrelevant. That who you are matters more than who you know. It is a world where you matter as a person, are cared for because existing and being yourself is all that the world desires of you.

What is hope? It is the folly of all humans. It’s an innate quality that makes us stupid, deluded but ultimately brings everyone together. It is the dream of a better future for those we love, those around us and those we have yet to meet. It’s hard to find a more beautiful emotion that has no foundation in reality or past experiences…

We live therefore we hope.

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  1. All of this is true, hope in many ways seems like this wonderful prize at the end of some fantastical rainbow, and can in ways be a good thing.
    However that being said, we as a people do have a tendency to rely on hope to somehow release us or somehow elevate us above our problems.
    My dad before he passed away, used to always say to me: “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”.
    I find this statement to be at the heart of it all, as it is not a bad thing to hope for something to be positive, however one must always be level headed enough to realize that if we don’t consider that things will not go in our favor, we leave our selves open to incredible disappointment.

    Always have hope, but never blind yourself to it.


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