A month after my ‘Stronger Together’ post update. Hyper has left and now peace is my normality, which is beautiful!

The excitement of a new dawn. The start of something different and magical. The promised new beginning and start to your life. That moment when you’ve qualified and the world is open to you. The fresh smell of coffee waiting for you. That deep breath that’s followed by a sigh of contentment at the commencement of your journey.


This is me now.

These are my moments.

This is the peace I’ve always longed for. To me it’s the beautiful scent of freshly cut grass in which I’ll attempt to make shitty birds’ nests that won’t ever be used.  A respectable kiss of the hand, a nod of recognition from a stranger, a summer breeze.

I could go on.

This is now.

This is now without the fear.

The now where I’m calm. I suspect this is what it is to be an adult. It’s been a month and now I’m calm. I’m not a child on a sugar high, but a person who has moved beyond the dangers. A person who can live.

I can live.

I CAN live.


You may not know this, but, what I mean in that I can live, is that I can strive for a future. I can have hopes and dreams that are my own. I’ve fulfilled all promises, even those that were made in my name by others. There are no more chains. I’m me now.


This is me now.

That deep breath followed by a sigh of contentment at the commencement of my journey

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