“I don’t think I can live in a world with no magic!”

How can you say magic exists. There is no proof of it and so your statement is not only potentially factually incorrect, but serves no purpose.

“But there is magic. Life is magic. Being sentient, thinking and loving is magic. Having empathy and a good will to all others is part of the magic. It’s what weaves us humans together. It’s what connects us to the planet, brings joy or sorrow. With each of these emotions we experience the magic of life!”

That’s so ridiculous. Everything is a result of science and your genetic makeup. The only reason you have certain emotions over others are because that’s the quickest way for your body to react for its purpose that will serve the growth of the species. You enjoy the sun because you are deficient in vitamin D, but worse, can’t produce it yourself. The human body and mind are very weak. In order to ensure the survival of the species, there have had to be so many, in fact countless of trials to get you this far! You are a weak species!

“Fine, taking what you say with scepticism, I’ll play your game. Why did I take a left the other day, instead of coming straight home I took a detour. I’ve lived here for a long enough time and so it wasn’t a matter of me needing to know my area. It was just that I fancied a longer walk home. This has nothing to do science!”

I can tell you that that happened on Tuesday. You had spent most of Monday at your desk and so physically you needed the exercise. You think it was a choice but it was your body creating equilibrium and getting rid of the excess calories, the excess energy it’d built up. No magic, no mystery there. What else do you?

“I take your point in that one example, but begrudgingly so. You’re wrong because magic is the force of life!”

There is no magic. You are just too simple to understand cause and effect.

“Hmm, I was going to use the other example of my love for my partner and children. You will argue that we are a unit because of science and the need to evolve the species. You will argue that how we got together is irrelevant since the end result is the only thing that matters, and yes, we now have two beautiful children. That makes sense. However, I also have a number of pets. They don’t serve any scientific purpose, and as humans, our attachment to them, our love, that they become part of the family has nothing to do with science. Pets are part of us. It shows that there is inter-species love. That there is the magic of love and thus negates your point. Ha- got you!”

Do you think that that is trait reserved only for humans?

“Yes, but that’s not my point. My point is that looking after other species as if they were family is not about evolution, is not about science, but is instead about connection. It’s about something much larger than ourselves and that’s where magic comes from. Magic is what creates miracles. Magic is what goes against all odds and gives you something beautiful…”

Having pets allows you and your children to learn how to look after each other. It’s simply a growth experiment in which your pets death, as much as you hate the idea, is inconsequential, especially in comparison to the murder of one of your own species. Before you argue may I pose the question- why are vets allowed to kill animals whilst for most countries euthanasia is illegal. Pets to humans hold a different place in their hearts. The other misguided idea is that humans are the only ones to have pets or even farm animals. You realise that ants actually farm aphids! They also go to great lengths to care, train and milk them in similar fashion that you humans do to cows or goats? Ants not only cultivate other creatures but are also very much into factory farming as your kind do, cultivating fungus. I only used insects as the example because of your great spaciest approach. Yet again, you have taken a fundamental ability for animals, such as yourself, to develop and adapt, and added hocus pocus to it. You are creating something that doesn’t need to be created, all to make yourself feel better!

“Ok. This makes me sad. Are you telling me that there is no magic in the world?”

Not at all

“What are you telling me. You are determined to prove me wrong. I’ve given you examples of the ones that make my life magical on a daily basis. That of the love I receive and give.”

So then what does it matter if I tell you there is magic in the world or not?

“Because I think you’re wrong. Because I see magic on a daily basis.”

Isn’t what you call magic, what I call science? Aren’t the miracles you see just cause and effect you don’t yet understand? Does the name of a phenomenon matter?

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