Personal appraisal (1/2 year review) >2nd June ’21

In order to progress I think we should all keep track of our own activities to have as a benchmark to improve. This is mine so far for the year. There have been setbacks but on the whole I’m proud! It’s not everything, but it’s a start for now & if you want to know more, please let me know by filling in the contact sheet.

Created website:

  • Published 33 articles,
  • driving 2,068 views
  • 706 site visitors from 38 different countries
  • Average PV 2.86
  • 56 likes & 10 comments


  • reactivated account in November.
  • December I started on 202 followers 2nd June I have 4,136
  • Positive advice, interactions & great feedback
  • Book cover designer for book on Twitter
  • Only a few trolling from Judy Gatiss gang


  • Created account on 30th April 2021
  • 0-470 followers on 2nd June
  • 50 posts shared from 87 total posts
  • most liked post is spotty dress me with book
  • This has been a steady increase in interactions as I gain new followers.
  • 1,472 content interactions


  • Finished editing end of April
  • So so so much editing! Fuck writing books ever!
  • AMA on Reddit 5th May with over 23 interactions
  • 2K+ kindle reads
  • Reached #54 on new releases
  • 5 star review & 1 fan mail!


Well I started the year with my building burning down so… I am 100% happier than how it started!

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