The Graphics I’ve had fun playing with & creating!

I realise that part of promoting the book is to keep engaging with people and providing something new to entice readers to the book. As Instagram is a visual platform, I’ve been creating images to post on there in the hopes of gaining more readers.

I am not a designer by nature, and as you all know, everything about self-publishing is a learning process for me. I’m beginning to see why people chose the traditional path. However the skills I’m gaining along the way are invaluable. I’m keeping track of what gains the highest engagement and I’m please to say that on Insta I’m close to 1k followers. When I reach 2k on Instagram, 5k on Twitter, I shall start Tiktok as it’s been recommended by others as a great site to promote books. For the time being however, I’m trying my hand at improving my design skills.

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