Instagram scammers

I don’t think I’ve been on a social media site that has so many scammers and people hustling for money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on there to gain followers to promote my book and thus increase my sales, but so many interactions I’ve had have been sketchy ways to get money out of me. If you’re selling something, sell it.

Please stop appealing to my vanity, because as flattering as that is, I’m not that naive. I’m writing this today because I think I finally broke one of the scammers who deactivated his account. How did I do this? I played him at his game. It all started on July 20th when he asked to be my sugar-daddy, offering me $3000 USD per month. All he asked for in return was that I was loyal to him and kept him company. He explained that he had many girls that he looked after, that he didn’t want anything dirty or any nude pictures but that he just wanted to give me money because I was beautiful. Over the next three weeks we DM’d quite regularly with me saying that it sounds wonderful, but I just needed more time to trust him too. He would ask for my Cash app details so he could send me money as proof for his intentions. I of course was excited but always asked him what he thought of my book since he wanted to support me which of course was never read since all he wanted to do was scam me.

Having watched far too many episodes of catfish, and knowing that I’ve made myself very visible in the last few months, I wasn’t about to give away anything financial to someone. Plus Cash apps have none of the beautiful and stringent regulations that other financial products have. No safety guaranteed as they in effect work like money. Once gone, impossible to trace. Back to my catfish reference; using my detective skills I reversed image searched and couldn’t find any other pictures of him than those of his profile. I also did a name check and found Cory Bates to be a fitness Bitcoin dude. Not at all the person in the pictures who is old enough to be my dad. For someone with so much cash that he supports many girls I also expected better pictures of his lavish lifestyle and ability to follow through, not the few ones that he had on his profile.

If I’m honest, his approach made me uncomfortable. It was a rude and unwanted intrusion into my life. Delving further into the lies, he told me he was from Texas and was often in California, but the times of his DM’s didn’t match. Every interaction ended with him asking me for my cash app details. Today, I finally gave in and said that he had gained enough of my trust for me to accept his money. “Great”, he must of thought. “Fantastic, the weeks of asking for my loyalty and trust had paid off”. I was gonna give him what he wanted! It started when he asked if I wanted to be paid weekly or monthly. Monthly of course I said. Hurrah, we were getting somewhere! Lols! I then sent him a link to Shockingly he could only pay me in the least secure manner. After I explained I didn’t have the app because of scammers, he deactivated his account.

Such a shame hey! I also keep being asked to be brand ambassadors for a limited time only! They will give me free things as along as I pay the postage and packaging which often ends up being over £30 for products I don’t want in the first place! It’s also rarely the brands that approach me, but a middle person with no followers.

Anyway, I’m not trying to scam you, I want you to flat out buy my book and then review it.

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  1. Hello or Good evening A man named Cory Bates sent me a request on Instagram and he offered to pay me $ 5000 a month to be his sugar baby. I immediately sensed the scam I did some research and I came across your writings and I believe it is the same guy. FYI, I’m a guy apparently he plays on several boards. Thank you.


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