Have you ever wanted to have a character based on you in a book? How cool would it be if you could be immortalised on page in the fantasy genre?

I love Halloween and the month of October! The spooky season brings me lots of joy and with days left until Halloween I wanted to give you the opportunity to feature in the sequel to Vampire Emily!

YES- You can have a character based on and named after you in my book! How do you partake in this amazing competition?

It’s simple. Answer the following questions and tell me about which supernatural character you most associate with as well as why you want to be in the sequel.

  1. If you were to become supernatural which of these would you be:
    • Vampire
    • Witch
    • Werewolf
  2. You have the option of saving your loved one or yourself, what do you choose?
  3. Where are you most comfortable out of these:
    • In a small town or village
    • In the hustle and bustle of large cities
    • In the countryside where you can be at one with nature
  4. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
  5. If you win and have a character based on you, what traits would you want to have included? Vampire Emily books are fantasy so be creative!

The character will be prominent in two chapters before being killed. The winner can have the character based off either themselves in real life or on a persona of their choosing.

To Enter this competition please enter your details and the answer to the 5 questions asked.

DEADLINE: 31st October 2021- Halloween! EXTENDED TO 14th NOVEMBER 2021!

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: 19th November 2021. The winner shall be contacted via email to discuss further the features of their character.


Add yours

  1. Fifi, you are full of wonder and imagination…there is NO limit when putting your mind’s creation’s onto paper…you demonstrate this on every single page of VAMPIRE EMILY…I can’t wait to see what comes next…🤠😎🤩🥳


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