The hypocrisy & lies of systems that govern…

Is the belief in Father Christmas the reason we as adults accept the lies of the government, and its shift to a more totalitarian state?

Each week, if not daily, there is a new crisis that stems from the UK government and I’m left confounded. I dare not look at the whole picture of the crises we’ve faced and continue to do so for I fear that it will set me spiralling negatively, unsure and unaware of what I can do to change it. The most disastrous for me is that it’s not only the UK, but globally we are shifting to a more totalitarian epoch, in which corruption and lies have become so entrenched in all aspects of lives that truth can now be contested. Yes, there are different sides to a story, but there are also blatant lies that are spoken with authority that should bring people, adults, adults with power crashing spectacularly out of public life and shunned from ever having any control over anyone else. This hasn’t been the case. The lies have just gotten bigger and depravity is rewarded.

‘Totalitarian at its essence is an attempt of “transforming reality into fiction”‘ and in doing so, allows fiction to have the potential to become an idealised version of reality for the movement. It’s no longer a matter of the leaders having to justify or even accept what they say, but if they can sow enough doubt, then they are winning. In such a situation, I believe, only the truth can beat corruption in the end. But if it were that simple, why doesn’t that work to combat the lies and hypocrisy fed to the people by those in power? Why have the videos by Peter Stefanovic, where he highlights constantly the lies told in parliament not made an impact in overthrowing the current system?

I think that this is the fault of society, where people are so disenfranchised, feel abandoned and do not see hope for their future should things carry on as they are. It becomes easier to look at your day to day expectations, in comparison to one’s parents and see how there are far fewer opportunities for most people to have a stable and happy life that affords them a home, family, treats, hobbies and holidays. What was once expectations of past generations, have become aspirations to some and an impossibility to others. It is hard to focus on long term goals if you are worried about your job, health and housing in an unstable economy. The goalposts are constantly shifting through no fault of your own, creating a very bleak depressing reality. The reality is that people are worse off, because of government measures taken here in the UK, that have created it. They have created it using lies to pacify the people, and they continue to do so through ever more elaborate trickery and subterfuge. Blame is placed on the other, and as with totalitarian regimes, it becomes ever more pressing to impose the lies that have been created by governing elites through more control. The real power of the people is limited, controlled and in some cases denied using violence. The power that was hard fought for is given over under the pretence of protection from the others, the undesirable who have made life worse. The blame of the other also helps to create tribes that fortify the basic human need of belonging. As social creatures, we need to belong.

So why do we not all choose to belong in truth rather than accepting the lies handed to us on a silver platter? With Christmas approaching, it got me thinking of how as children, here in the west, we are told of Father Christmas and are encouraged to believe in this fictional character who gives us gifts. Would the gifts be enjoyed less if we were to thank our parents and those who had worked hard to provide? I don’t believe so. I believe that it would allow children to show gratitude to those who gave the presents but I digress. From an early age, we are conditioned to believe in lies and accept them as they add magical positivity to the realities of the world. They are comforting and as such are easy to trust. Perhaps this is why facts, backed by figures can’t break through the totalitarian lies for they don’t provide enough of a comforting layer.

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  1. I completely agree, the problem is that people would rather deal with the comforting lie than they would rather deal with the inconvenience of the truth.
    The truth does not comfort, hell in many cases it can be a harsh reality, however in the end it’s a more honest way of living.
    But unfortunately human beings are creatures of comfort and do not want to have to confront something that is going to make them uncomfortable, so what people do in the end is go for the option which is going to be easier, rather than better.
    In order to combat this the children of future generations need to be taught that the truth, even as uncomfortable as it may be, makes the world a much better place, than to comfort ourselves under a blanket of lies.

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