I’m not racist but… #14

You have to admit that Meghan Markle is to blame for Jamaica wanting independence…there can’t be any other reason for it. Whilst we are at it, she’s also to blame for Harry leaving the not-at-all toxic Royal Family & British media machine, William following in Charle’s footsteps and cheating on Katherine, the Queen falling ill and I’m sure she must have had a hand in the war. Which war? All of them. If you look closely and do your research, Megan Markle is so clever and evil that she is also responsible for all the atrocities of the world, past, present and future. It was her fault that Piers Morgan got fired from ITV and not anything to do with his inaccurate reporting and attitude. I bet Hitler was a reaction to her existence. The current austerity measures and decrease in living standards for the majority of British people are not due to over a decade of Tory rule but are her fault…I stubbed my toe on my bed getting water last night and this morning it still hurts. I just knew it was the fault of Meghan Markle with her omnipresent ill-wishing.

For many people, she has taken on the character of an evil fairy tale monster and a lot of powerful men are determined to blame her for everything and anything, rather than address their hatred to a strong beautiful black woman who refused to stay in her place of perceived gratitude. And that to me is the underlying issue. That as black women, we are meant to always be grateful for the scraps given and not demand more. It’s deeper than that though, it’s the underlying ingrained notion that we are not propper humans.

On the surface, many parrot the “I’m not racist” line without truly believing it or doing anything to address it. Fundamentally they believe that their shared experiences are the same as everyone else they meet in their social circles, but even in institutions where everyone has a right to be safe such as schools, we have been shown again that the black female experience is irrelevant. I’m talking about Child Q. She was a 15-year-old child who was strip-searched in school by two police officers without a guardian or parent there. This was dehumanising, repulsive but sadly fits the trajectory of the adultification of black children and girls in particular. We are rarely safe, even when we should be.

Actions that should reduce to rubble any career a person has, are now brushed under the carpet as we are told to move on. Woke snowflakes complaining about their social justice agendas again are screamed at us, often by the fragile white egos of those who profit from an unfair and in-equal society. Over in the USA, we have seen the ridiculous questioning of Ketanji Brown Jackson at her confirmation hearing, by people looking for a “Got Ya” soundbite to derail an incredibly clever woman who has more right to hold the SCOTUS position than most of the GOP if the position was based on intelligence and competency. It is this fragility that irrelevant and disrespectful questions are allowed because fundamentally, white people, especially white men, fear losing the power afforded to them at birth. It is for this reason that the mere presence of a strong-willed black woman will send others into a rage of “How dare she”.

So how dare Meghan Markle force me to stub my toe!

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  1. I completely agree, these are very unpleasant truths and sadly those in power do not want to acknowledge that they even exist because if they did, they would then have to admit that they are benefiting from a system that does favor white males and they would rather mock or ignore it than to actually do something about it.


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