Living in Truth…

A while back I decided that I would live in my truth. I say my truth because there can be many perspectives to each point of view. What this entailed for me was to be as honest as I could be in all situations.

Rules set were:

  • Need to know basis of information
  • Don’t be a dick
  • Don’t lie- obviously
  • Be kind
  • Live in good faith- people are good when there is a choice right…

The aim was to restore my faith in people and humanity.

It’s all been too much for everyone over the last few years and I wanted to prove that the world could be better. On this journey, I’ve had the honour of meeting & learning from so many amazing people actively making daily decisions to improve themselves and the world around them!

I wanted to write a “self-help book” based on the harder struggles we face.

We all know that exercising, getting enough sleep, surrounding yourself with people who encourage you, diet, water etc will improve your life. What is harder to address are the reasons we don’t practice these “tried and tested” methods.

If it were simple, we would all be goddesses and gods of our universe. (I’m sure I can’t get my reverend status revoked for this… right?)

So, please bear with me as my promised books are delayed. I’d like to blame my editor… but in keeping with “Living in Truth” all the blame is on me!

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  1. This is all perfectly understandable, I too have been working on living my life more honestly. In the end I would rather be honest and reliable, than to lie to people and be thought of as a dishonest egomaniac.


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