On Fear

What is fear? The other day I wanted to enter into a competition. I looked at the prize and imagined how much it would change my life. I then looked at the other entrants who were ahead of me since it was a timed thing and chickened out. This competition is open until the end... Continue Reading →

Why is change so hard?

There is a comfort for the brain in maintaining the status quo. It doesn't matter if that is positive or negative since our brains are wired to find patterns of predictability in a world with near infinite outcomes. It's about having a semblance of control and so our beautiful brains will do anything they can... Continue Reading →


A month after my 'Stronger Together' post update. Hyper has left and now peace is my normality, which is beautiful! The excitement of a new dawn. The start of something different and magical. The promised new beginning and start to your life. That moment when you’ve qualified and the world is open to you. The... Continue Reading →

Amazed at the relief!

The joy of freedom! I'm content and happy! It has been over a week since my Stronger Together post. It was a really hard journey to get there, much harder than the Inca trail when I discovered that altitude sickness is a real thing and not made up (Kilimanjaro was a lot higher than Machu... Continue Reading →

Stronger Together!

Trigger Warning: A trauma post. There are crimes in life that are so reprehensible and appalling, that justice can’t ever truly be achieved. It’s made worse when there is no attempt at justice because of the systems in place. Systems that are created to protect those in power at the expense of those powerless. If... Continue Reading →

Positivity- when does it become toxic?

I've been thinking a lot of late about politics, business and the self. I've looked at how having a positive can-do attitude is promoted, often encroaching in all aspects of life and how you interact with people. You don't want to be the "Debbie Downer" amongst your friends for fear they wont want to hang... Continue Reading →

Being Sold*

You bought me. You bought me at 8 years old when you paid a dowry. You bought me when you gave into blackmail, A dowry to be allowed to meet my bio-grandmother. Before it’d been hard, But when you handed over enough money for a farm, Just to be able to keep me, That was... Continue Reading →

Trauma & Strength

People rarely tell you how long it'll last or the deep impacts it has on the mind, body and soul. I had to ask my neighbours to buy me new disposable face masks because the ones I had in the flat smelled of smoke. I'd washed the reusable ones, but the result of the fire... Continue Reading →

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