Moments of Joy

Life is a connection of moments. These little moments stacked together make stories and those stories are where you lie. Each little pocket of memory defines your existence and who you are as a person. As with a menu, it's easy to focus on a particular category as I have done with this blog- trauma... Continue Reading →

Women – What we all needed to know!

It's never too late to learn about our bodies. U/toocritical55 collated a lot of information and put them all together so please thank her for this information! This post is about sex and women's front bottoms! She wanted to share what was learned over the years, and debunk myths. This is mostly aimed at young... Continue Reading →

I’m not racist but… #13

I thought I was done with these posts if I'm honest with you. I wanted to step away from being a voice of black experience and the "angry black woman" trope. It's not that racism has changed, it's that it's emotional expressing my experiences and knowing that when I promote them there has often been... Continue Reading →

Influencer & sales

I entertained myself the other day by imagining myself as an "influencer". Why? Why would I even think that? It's simple. I put a picture of me wearing a beautiful face mask promoting unity, it received over 25k impressions and the artist who had designed it sent me a message saying he'd been flooded with... Continue Reading →


I've been heavily interviewing of late as I'm ready and, dare I say it, I miss working. What I have found this time around is that I'm not looking just to pass the interviews, but to see what kind of company they are. My mindset has changed and I fully embrace the work to live... Continue Reading →


"I don't think I can live in a world with no magic!" How can you say magic exists. There is no proof of it and so your statement is not only potentially factually incorrect, but serves no purpose. "But there is magic. Life is magic. Being sentient, thinking and loving is magic. Having empathy and... Continue Reading →

Why is politics so divisive?

I have no actual answer if that's what your looking for, again my own perspective... But since the Brexit vote, it's been a constant source of tension because it fundamentally broke the idea of what it meant to be British in a manor that brought so much tension, broke relations and fractured many businesses. There... Continue Reading →

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