Reviews, reviews and ROI

I'm in shock that someone loved my book so much they came to my website to let me know. I question their sanity, but in a good way. I've deleted all PII info and shared the fan mail everywhere I can because it's so exciting for me! I can't tell you how proud and validated... Continue Reading →

The book is finished (again!)

What can I tell you. I have learnt that I hate words, hate writing and even hate letters. I have learnt that I like to add really to everything to emphasise a point and my command of the English language is terribly poor. I have learnt that I really really really hated so much of... Continue Reading →

Oh India!

Realising that UK is about to go on another cycle of lockdown I'm reminded that leaving the country for a holiday is looking more and more like a pipe-dream. Living in London I miss the sea. I miss exploring the magical mystical world where I feel like i'm flying above an alien landscape made up... Continue Reading →

On Hope

What is hope? It is the notion that your desires will come true. Your vision manifest into reality. It's the little spark in the darkness, the first drop of rain in the dry season, splashing on the dusty copper unpaved street as you walk. It is the feeling that everything and the world is just... Continue Reading →

The cat and the dragon.

My kind are known for our great warriors and I am one. I’m vigilant and protective. Always at 3:30am the dragon comes. My human sleeps, failing to see its silvery scaly manifestation. It takes on a wispy form, shifting through walls, before it strikes with its razor sharp talons. Around the house we battle. It... Continue Reading →

The Contrary Human

What if I fall “What if you fly” The world wasn’t made for me, for people like me. Time and time again it’s been shown to me that this isn’t my world and therefore I’ve no place in it. “Why do you say this?” Because of my past. My bad luck. My inability to make... Continue Reading →

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