Reviews, reviews and ROI

I'm in shock that someone loved my book so much they came to my website to let me know. I question their sanity, but in a good way. I've deleted all PII info and shared the fan mail everywhere I can because it's so exciting for me! I can't tell you how proud and validated... Continue Reading →

Who is Emily? I’m not racist but… #6

Isn't reading amazing! It's a great escapism. Growing up, nearly all of the books I read, the lead was nearly always a white CIS character. Black characters were reserved for those from the USA. This taught me that the world saw black people either as impoverished Africans or from the USA. That was my main... Continue Reading →


I obviously love the supernatural, they have been a great source of learning and entertainment for years. After watching The Craft, my friends and I started a coven, it mostly involved us hanging out and gossiping as teenagers do. Perhaps that movie was my gateway to being a little goth- who knows! I also obsessed... Continue Reading →

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