Living in Truth…

A while back I decided that I would live in my truth. I say my truth because there can be many perspectives to each point of view. What this entailed for me was to be as honest as I could be in all situations. Rules set were: Need to know basis of information Don’t be... Continue Reading →

Falling into old (writing) habits

The sequel of Vampire Emily is on hold as I want to publish by the end of the year, key self-care insight that I've gained during my time off. With the Vampire Emily trilogy, thanks to my developmental editor I had outlined the story so that I know the arcs of each chapter and book.... Continue Reading →

Jumping in the deep end!

A post about writing. The first time I saw a pool with people swimming in it, I thought “that looks fun” and jumped into the deep end. My dad had to dive in, fully clothed to rescue me because I didn’t know how to swim. Thanks dad! Once I learnt how to swim, it became... Continue Reading →

Editors- a love & hate relation

They're really important! I did it! I finished writing my book! I'm gonna publish it and all will be great! Mission accomplished and another target to cross off my bucket list! Or so I thought until I got feedback from people I didn't know. Initially it was beta readers who were on the whole very... Continue Reading →

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