I’m not racist but… #11

As soon as Halloween was over, the Christmas adverts started in the UK. This is expected. My friend who works in marketing for a big brand hates Christmas by June (May tbh) as they have had to spend their time figuring out the best impact. Each advert is carefully considered and planned. It's tested on... Continue Reading →

Trust in institutions- it’s gone up sh*ts creek!

The UK, well Scotland will be hosting the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) from 31st October to 12th November. The conference aims to address climate changes together with four distinct goals. They are: Secure global net-zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reachaccelerate the phase-out of coalcurtail deforestationspeed up the switch to... Continue Reading →

BHM UK! I’m not racist but… #10

Halfway through Black History Month UK and I can admit it's been informative, to say the least! It has brought out many racists who seem to have Twitter bot accounts simply to combat the narrative of a black history month needed, who complain about the focus on the negative slave trade but who also don't... Continue Reading →

Humans…we’re an odd species aren’t we?

Humans suffer from the most ridiculous affliction there is and that is consciousness with emotions coupled with imagination. Ridiculous is the best way I can describe it. A mass of weirdoes' all trying to understand themselves, other people and the world around them. It's no simple task when our internal selves are prone to foolishness.... Continue Reading →

Corporate vs Creative

The two are very different and can be a hard balancing act. They require different skills to succeed. My epiphany earlier was that I tried to merge opposing needed reactions into one when they cannot normally coexist to function properly. This has been my mistake. Some things are so complicated that in such circumstances you... Continue Reading →

Falling into old (writing) habits

The sequel of Vampire Emily is on hold as I want to publish by the end of the year, key self-care insight that I've gained during my time off. With the Vampire Emily trilogy, thanks to my developmental editor I had outlined the story so that I know the arcs of each chapter and book.... Continue Reading →

I’m not racist but… #9

You're attractive; for a black person! I'm a fan of some reality TV, they are a guilty pleasure as I watch in awe at the people brave enough to go on there. It's a wonderful distraction to watch beautiful and/or talented people compete in strange settings, in made-up situations created solely for entertainment. You fall... Continue Reading →

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