I’m not racist but… #8

I've been so lazy with my hair over the past couple of years because I've not had reason to maintain a particular look. All of my preening has taken a nose dive to the point that I fear I may have forgotten how to put on makeup, walk in heels and do other ladylike activities.... Continue Reading →

My lost scarf…

Today I cried in public on the bus. Luckily it was at the top front which as we all know are the best seats on a double-decker. I'm willing to cut anyone and everyone out of my life who disagrees btw! Rather than pretend to drive or watch the tall trees hit the windows or... Continue Reading →

Instagram scammers

I don't think I've been on a social media site that has so many scammers and people hustling for money. Don't get me wrong, I'm on there to gain followers to promote my book and thus increase my sales, but so many interactions I've had have been sketchy ways to get money out of me.... Continue Reading →

Influencer & sales

I entertained myself the other day by imagining myself as an "influencer". Why? Why would I even think that? It's simple. I put a picture of me wearing a beautiful face mask promoting unity, it received over 25k impressions and the artist who had designed it sent me a message saying he'd been flooded with... Continue Reading →


I've been heavily interviewing of late as I'm ready and, dare I say it, I miss working. What I have found this time around is that I'm not looking just to pass the interviews, but to see what kind of company they are. My mindset has changed and I fully embrace the work to live... Continue Reading →

On Fear

What is fear? The other day I wanted to enter into a competition. I looked at the prize and imagined how much it would change my life. I then looked at the other entrants who were ahead of me since it was a timed thing and chickened out. This competition is open until the end... Continue Reading →

I’m not racist but… #7

Having a voice to be seen to be considered human. Language and Visibility make a difference to people. When people become demystified, their presence within society becomes normalised and so people who had no interaction with them before, start to understand them, and as such accept them within society. This is a good thing as... Continue Reading →

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