I’m not racist but… #5

When I first started to write and self publish I did so under different pen names. How many nom-du-plumes do I have? The answer is two. I have two pen names that I've used over the years. How is this relevant to racism you may be wondering, and even if you're not I shall answer.... Continue Reading →

Why is change so hard?

There is a comfort for the brain in maintaining the status quo. It doesn't matter if that is positive or negative since our brains are wired to find patterns of predictability in a world with near infinite outcomes. It's about having a semblance of control and so our beautiful brains will do anything they can... Continue Reading →

The book is finished (again!)

What can I tell you. I have learnt that I hate words, hate writing and even hate letters. I have learnt that I like to add really to everything to emphasise a point and my command of the English language is terribly poor. I have learnt that I really really really hated so much of... Continue Reading →


A month after my 'Stronger Together' post update. Hyper has left and now peace is my normality, which is beautiful! The excitement of a new dawn. The start of something different and magical. The promised new beginning and start to your life. That moment when you’ve qualified and the world is open to you. The... Continue Reading →

I’m not racist but… #4

It's exhausting being a black woman. It's tiring being fully aware that all of your actions are used as representation of what it is to be a black woman. Unless you're amongst those you know, others will forever see you as a caricature of your race, rather than the whole individual person you are. Anything... Continue Reading →

I’m not racist but… #3

In Cambodia, I was sunbathing on one of their many beautiful beaches. I was in my twenties and wanted to be as black as night. I’d gone the complete opposite direction from my teenage days. Yes, I was that token black goth- bless younger me right! Anyway, I’m lying on a lounger in the sun... Continue Reading →

Jumping in the deep end!

A post about writing. The first time I saw a pool with people swimming in it, I thought “that looks fun” and jumped into the deep end. My dad had to dive in, fully clothed to rescue me because I didn’t know how to swim. Thanks dad! Once I learnt how to swim, it became... Continue Reading →

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