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On this page you will find posts related to Vampire Emily. Some will be about writing, others inspiration, characters, species etc. I’m very honoured that you have chosen to find out more. If you have any questions please do get in touch.

Vampire Emily- Reviews 3 months in (*Spoilers)

My book has now been on sale for three months. It seems longer than that, but perhaps it’s because of all of the work that went into writing the book and creating something from scratch. Promoting it as well takes a lot of effort as I’m having to learn everything as I go, often doing… Continue Reading →

The Graphics I’ve had fun playing with & creating!

I realise that part of promoting the book is to keep engaging with people and providing something new to entice readers to the book. As Instagram is a visual platform, I’ve been creating images to post on there in the hopes of gaining more readers. I am not a designer by nature, and as you… Continue Reading →

Reviews, reviews and ROI

I’m in shock that someone loved my book so much they came to my website to let me know. I question their sanity, but in a good way. I’ve deleted all PII info and shared the fan mail everywhere I can because it’s so exciting for me! I can’t tell you how proud and validated… Continue Reading →

Who is Emily? I’m not racist but… #6

Isn’t reading amazing! It’s a great escapism. Growing up, nearly all of the books I read, the lead was nearly always a white CIS character. Black characters were reserved for those from the USA. This taught me that the world saw black people either as impoverished Africans or from the USA. That was my main… Continue Reading →


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